20 breaks big hitters from 2004, mixed and spliced to hit the spot! The one with the Ricky V Valentine intro 🙂

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Ah...Ricky V Valentine! This was another case of needing to do a mix from hearing something that would make such a great intro -  and it worked :) This mix got me a lot of exposure and heat after releasing it via the NSB forum back in 2004. 'Ghetto Classics for the Ageing B-Boy' and a Twin Hype classic kick off this vinyl mix and from there on in it's breaks all the way :) This kicked off a double bill of  mixes... get the first Breakzology too!


  1. C SIDE TRAX – Souvenirs EP feat Ricky V Valentine [collins303 mash up] (c side trax)
  2. TWIN HYPE – Do It To The Crowd (profile)
  3. STEELZAWHEELZ – P-fonk (west)
  4. BROTHER BUD – The Alarm (vinyl addiction)
  5. UNKNOWN – Man With The Red Face booty (white)
  6. DJ FLYWHEEL – Sundae Night (plank)
  7. QB PROJECT 02 – Fineline (london breaks)
  8. AUTHORS OF STREETOLOGY – Fraud’Star [porn star mix] (sponge records)
  9. QB PROJECT 02 – Come Closer [pete voyager & dj trace reload](london breaks)
  10. JDS – Elements [rhythm code remix] (rocksteady records)
  11. JASON SPARKS – Heroes (botchit)
  12. TRANSFORMER MAN – Evil Eye (reconnect)
  13. JASON SPARKS – Feeling Invincible (botchit)
  14. BACKDRAFT – LabRat (white label promo)
  15. TRANSFORMER MAN – Devils Groove (white label promo)
  16. DISTORTIONZ – Onion Ringz VIP (hardcore beats)
  17. AQUASKY – Stay Fresh (shadow cryptic)
  18. SCAM – So Good (deepcut)
  19. MARK ONE – Hoovers & Spraycans (recherche records) / SCAM – So Good reprise

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