The Government Is Corrupt [tek mix]

Classic militant main room breaks with a tech house edge from the early 00s.

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I heard the Dead Flag Blues track with that well sparse 'the government is corrupt' lyric on an NME free CD and the idea was set for a mix with that name. Will it ever not be true? This vinyl mix is straight up main room 4/4ish breaks! It was released as a double pack with a less 4/4 The Government Is Corrupt [breaks mix].


  1. GODSPEED! YOU BLACK EMPEROR – The Dead Flag Blues
  3. SIR DREW: Let’s Get Some Girls – meat katie remix (Kingsize)
  4. BLIM & KATIE: Distorted Soul pt. 1 (Whole 9 Yards)
  5. TOKAMAK: Set Up – buskwacka! mix (Plank)
  6. DARK GLOBE: Some Say She’s Retro (Whole 9 Yards)
  7. MAKESOME BREAKSOME: Night Shift (Plank)
  8. SUENO LATINO: Sueno Latino – bushwacka! tek mix (Distinctive)
  9. MEAT KATIE: Bring Yourself (Kingsize)
  10. AZZIDO DA BASS: Dooms Night (treatment mix) (club tools)
  12. LUKE SLATER: Score One (Nova Mute)
  13. MEAT KATIE: I Can’t Hear Ya – chicken lips mix (Kingsize)
  14. LA LIGA: Gazpacho (Whole 9 Yards)
  15. MEAT KATIE: Lap Dancer (Kingsize)
The Government Is Corrupt

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