Now That’s What I Call RADIO303 – 2023

A mix of some of the best tracks played on RADIO303 in 2023. Chill out, disco, house, breakbeat and drum & bass are all inside the ride!

Featuring the usual mix of chill out ambience, disco, re-edits, heads down house and breakbeat science - without the usual radio jibber jabber :) 

Tune of the year? This time round it's got to be Kenny Everett's "Feel The Flow"... every time I hear the Black Dog-esque intro pads and chords it's a real moment for me, and the tune continues to deliver. ExaltRecords is where it's at - lovely stuff, when you can get hold of it ;) Keep 'em peeled!

Honourable mentions also for LeSale - What Lies Beyond, Johannes Klingebiel - In The End It Did Not Matter, Special Request's Offworld take on The Pleasure Priniciple, and the absolute spaced out epic that is Hearing In Tongues by Para One... Check 'em all out here! 


  1. 79.5 – As I Wait 4 Your Love [Razor-N-Tape]
  2. Daniel Avery – Ultra Truth [Phantasy Sound / [PIAS]]
  3. Massimiliano Pagliara – Persistently There [Permanent Vacation]
  4. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – It Was The Summer (Each Other remix) [Razor-N-Tape]
  5. Social Lovers – I’m In Love [Star Creature Universal Vibrations]
  6. LeSale – What Lies Beyond [Luv Shack]
  7. Bliss Street Queens – Enjoy The Sirens [Pacific Rhythm]
  8. Johannes Klingebiel – In The End It Did Not Matter [Live At Robert Johnson]
  9. Lovebirds feat Uri Gincel – Playing Games [Teardrop Recordings]
  10. Felix Dickinson feat Blane Lyon – People’s People (Crazy P Remix) [Ugly Music]
  11. Luigi Sambuy – Gemini 6 [Gouranga Music]
  12. Confidence Man – Feels Like A Different Thing (Daniel Avery Remix) [Heavenly Recordings]
  13. Kenny Everett – Feel The Flow [ExaltRecords]
  14. Nookie presents Binary State – Aurora [HeadzState]
  15. Doc Martin/Blakkat – Amber Rox (Bushwacka! Electro Remix) [Oblong]
  16. Janet Jackson – Pleasure Principle (Special Request Offworld Mix) [Bandcamp]
  17. Lyric – Let Me Tell You (Kayrem remix) [M Plant]
  18. Nia Archives – Conveniency (Bakey Remix) [Island Records]
  19. ODF – Cops And Robbers [Bandcamp]
  20. Lay-Far – I Give Praise [Myor]
  21. Octo Octa – Late Night Love [T4T LUV NRG]
  22. Little Big Bee – Scuba (Apiento M25 mix) [Mysticisms]
  23. Para One – Hearing In Tongues [Animal63]
  24. dgoHn – Invisible Sandwich [Bandcamp]
  25. Lone – Waterfall Reverse [Greco-Roman]
  26. Zero T/Onj feat Aaliyah Esprit – Games You Play [Computer Integrated Audio]
  27. Waeys – Cast A Path [Critical Music]
  28. Drummotive – Ensnared [Subtle Audio]
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