The Horror [part 1]

Apocalypse Now told across quality 90s electronica and ambient classics. I love the smell of chill out in the morning.

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Having got right into this movie in the 90s, it needed a mix - so much choice dialogue to use! It's a vinyl mix with the dialogue and samples played live from a VCR and mixer. Recorded to and ripped from tape. 

Part 1 of a 2 part mix. Get The Horror [part 2]


  1. LO FIDELITY ALLSTARS: One Man’s Fear (Skint)
  2. EM:T: Ghost Of Catalonia (T:ME)
  3. FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON: Dead Cities (Virgin)
  4. INOSAN – Neohead phone head fuck (Ninja Tune)
  5. FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON: Her Face Forms In Summertime (Virgin)
  6. THE ORB: Rose Tinted (Island)
  7. THE ORB: Montagne D’or(Island)
The Horror [part 1]

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