Now That’s What I Call RADIO303 – 2021

A mix of some of the best tracks played on RADIO303 in 2021. Chill out, disco, house, breakbeat and drum & bass are all inside the ride!

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Featuring the usual mix of chill out ambience, disco, re-edits, heads down house and breakbeat science - without the usual radio jibber jabber :) 

Tune of the year? For me this year it's a toss up between MF Robots' wicked funk groover 'Good People' and KiNK's absolute acid belter 'Disco Spectrum'. Both tunes hold a special place in my heart... and MF Robots wins out with their utterly irresistible good times vibe :) What a dancefloor tune! Honourable mentions also for Fug, Fontaines DC, Sault, Ron Basejam, Dusky, Anz, Yosh and Woolfy ... check 'em all out here! 

NOTE! I like to try and not repeat tunes if at all possible within all the mixes here so this one doesn't have as much of the great house and techno released in 2021 as I put most of it into a guest mix for Bank Of Switches that I did towards the end of the go check that out too! 
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  1. Fug – From Little Seeds We Grow [RE:WARM]
  2. Etherwood – Water In Your Veins [Hospital]
  3. Anders Ponsaing & Claus Hojensgard – The Man With The Red Face [Music For Dreams]
  4. MF Robots – Good People (extended version) [BBE Music]
  5. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Schwindelig (Alps 2 remix) [Connaisseur]
  6. Fontaines DC – A Hero’s Death (Soulwax remix) [Partisan]
  7. Django Django – Free From Gravity (Busy P remix) [Because Music]
  8. Psycho Radio/LC Anderson – Bad Reputation (Red Axes remix) [Rebirth]
  9. Aera – Don’t Leave Me Like That [Anemos Dance]
  10. Warehouse Preservation Society – Dont Mess My Head (Dave Aju remix) [Futureboogie Recordings]
  11. Museum of Love – The Conversation (The Emperor Machine dub) [Skint]
  12. The Long Champs – Apples Are Not The Answer (Richard Sen Dub) [Tici Taci]
  13. Elfenberg – Vasta La Hista [Rotten City Files]
  14. Sbtrkt – New Dorp New York (Rawley Re-Edit) [Bandcamp]
  15. Ron Basejam – Games You Playin’ [Ron’s Reworks]
  16. Primitive Ignorant – Last In The Riot (Sordid Soundsystem Rebirth) [Bandcamp]
  17. Jonathan Kaspar – Muster [Kompakt]
  18. Tim Engelhardt – Idiosynkrasia (Andhim remix) [Stil Vor Talent]
  19. E-Dancer/Kevin Saunderson – Rock To The Beat (Special Request remix) [Drumcode]
  20. Dusky – E-Dawn [17 Steps]
  21. Fasme – Comme Ca La Nuit [Nocta Numerica]
  22. ES-Q – Uplink Underground [Dolly]
  23. KiNK – Disco Spectrum [Sofia]
  24. Justin Martin – Eye of the Storm [What To Do]
  25. Sault – Light’s In Your Hands [Bandcamp]
  26. Whiney – Headlines (feat Subten) [Hospital]
  27. Kaotic Chemistry – Drum Trip (Detboi’s Trip remix) [Metalheadz]
  28. Fracture & Nah Eeto – Shada Shada [1985 Music]
  29. Makoto – Contact [Hospital]
  30. Etch – Dodgy Acid Trax [Tempo]
  31. Seb Zito – One Finger Skank [Edible]
  32. AGT Rave Cru – Fusion Power [Balkan Recordings]
  33. Roska/MC GQ – Kaboom! [Roska Kicks & Snares]
  34. Jonny L – Hurt You So (Phuture Assassins Remix) [Kniteforce]
  35. Yosh – Too Dread [Vivid]
  36. Anz – Last Before Lights [Ninja Tune]
  37. Lake Haze – Dog Walking In The Park [FFRR]
  38. The Irresistible Force & Coldcut – Autumn Leaves Return [Ahead Of Our Time]
  39. Woolfy – Shooting Stars [Ritual Release]
Now That’s What I Call RADIO303 – 2020

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