Drum & Space Sessions [volume 1]

Big time early 00s rollers all the way on this one! This essential drum and bass mix was inspired by a birthday night out at Fabric Live spent mainly in Room 2 🙂

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This vinyl mix from  2001 was the first time since 1996 that I'd committed a drum and bass mix to recording, and really enjoyed getting back on the DnB tip. It's heavy on the Ed Rush & Optical vibes. A few more Drum & Space Sessions followed, go find them!


  1. REPRAZENT: Lucky Pressure – bushwacka! mix (Talkin’ Loud)
  2. ED RUSH & OPTICAL: White Lightening (Virus Recrordings)
  3. FUTURE CUT: Busted (Renegade Hardware)
  4. ED RUSH & OPTICAL: Check Out Time (Virus Recrordings)
  5. CALIBRE: Light Years (Musique Concrete)
  6. FUTURE CUT: Bloodline (Renegade Hardware)
  7. AQUASKY: I Can’t Wait No More (Moving Shadow)
  8. ED RUSH & OPTICAL: Capsule (Virus Recrordings)
  9. AQUASKY: Spectre (Moving Shadow)
  10. J MAJIK vs J MAJIK: Spaced Invader (Defected)
  11. ED RUSH & OPTICAL: Kerbcrawler (Virus Recrordings)
  12. ED RUSH & OPTICAL: Rok Da House (Virus Recrordings)
  13. CREEPZ JAM feat: the creeps / check out time / pacman (reprise) / reach out / fastlane
  14. ED RUSH & OPTICAL: Capsule (Virus Recrordings)
  15. JOHN B: UP All NIght (Metalheadz)
Drum & Space Sessions [volume 1]

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