Da Funky Shitz

An absolutely HUGE mash up of old skool funk, block party breaks, classic hip hop and original loops. If you like it funky, get on this mix immediately!

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From 2001...this is a big one! It was made through a combination of recording live vinyl mixes and scratches and chopping up tunes into bars digitally in Cool Edit, and then painstakingly stitching it back together in Sonic Foundry Acid. I was well happy with the results...classics all the way in a funky fresh style!
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  1. DJ VADIM: Gettin’ Friendly
  2. BARRY WHITE: I’m Gonna Love You A Little Bit More Baby
  3. ERIC B & RAKIM: The Rhyme Goes On
  4. THE SOUL SEARCHERS: Ashleys Roadclip
  5. collins303: Funky Drummin’ (loop) – feat. James Brown ‘The Funky Drummer’
  6. THE HONEY DRIPPERS: Impeach The President
  7. BO DIDDLEY: Hit Or Miss [collins303 edit]
  8. collins303 – Never Ever Sellin’ Out [Don’t Believe It] (loop) – feat. De La Soul ‘Buddy’
  9. PUBLIC ENEMY – Don’t Believe The Hype
  10. collins303 – Get Involved (loop) – feat. Public Enemy ‘Party For Your Right To Fight’ / Labi Siffre ‘I Got The’
  11. collins303 – Do you Believe (loop) feat. Labi Siffre ‘I Got The’ / Kool & The Gang ‘NT’ / The Meters ‘Just Kissed My Baby’
  12. KOOL & THE GANG: NT [collins303 edit]
  13. THE HEADHUNTERS – God Made Me Funky
  14. DIG ALLIANCE – Inner Spaces
  15. PRIMAL SCREAM – Loaded [collins303 edit]
  16. collins303 – The Clap (loop)
  17. collins303 – Walk Tall (breakdown) – feat. Cannonball Alderley ‘Walk Tall’
  18. BIG DADDY KANE – Aint No Half Steppin’
  19. JAMES BROWN – Funky President
  20. MACEO & THE MACKS – Cross The Bridge
  21. ERIC B & RAKIM – Follow The Leader [collins303 remix] – feat. The 45 King ‘The Funky Stuff’
  22. collins303 – Don’t Call Me Shirley (loop) – feat. Marshall Jefferson ‘Open our Eyes’
  23. collins303 – Beatz Workin’ Out (loop)
  24. collins303 – Personality Goes A Long Way (breakdown) – feat. Samuel L Jackson
  25. LYN COLLINS – Think About It [collins303 edit]
  26. collins303 – I Got An Idea (loop) – feat. Rob Base & DJ Rock ‘It Takes Two’ / Babe Ruth ‘The Mexican’
  27. BADDER THAN EVIL – Hot Wheels [collins303 edit]
  28. BOBBY BIRD – I Know You Got Soul [collins303 edit]
  29. ERIC B & RAKIM – I Know You Got Soul (6 minutes of soul)
  30. Laterz is Now
Da Funky Shitz

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