A Night In The Slammer: 2020

2 hours worth of brand new rave tracks that are drenched in old skool flavour! If you were there in ’91 you need to get on this in 2020…Only for the headstrong – you know the score!

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The world has turned upside down! The Slammer is still here in Gravesend, the Time Tunnel Rushing Crew are all still going strong, there is no global pandemic and when people mention 2020 they are talking about their vision, getting hammered on shots, or the cricket…Here's the soundtrack to this Saturday night :)
The sound of the old skool has never gone away, and it's been back in full effect this year with a shedload of tracks that really capture the spirit…so it was time for a mix! This one is 2 hours worth  of full on, up for it, ravey breaks, house and techno. Most of  the tracks are from releases this year, and there's a few instant classics for sure.
This was without doubt the most fun I've had all year putting a mix together...Enjoy!

...And if you haven't already got it, make sure you grab the original A Night In The Slammer!
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  1. Ejeca – BetterB (303’s Time Tunnel Ecstasy Edit) [Shall Not Fade]
  2. Adelphi Music Factory – Area 39 [Shall Not Fade]
  3. Bonobo/Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Heartbreak [Outlier]
  4. Luke Vibert – Feel One [Hypercolour]
  5. Adelphi Music Factory – Jura [Shall Not Fade]
  6. Anna Wall/Corbi – DAT 3 (Chrissy remix) [Ritual Poison]
  7. Chrissy – In Paradise (Loods remix) [17 Steps]
  8. Lone – Abraxas [Ancient Astronauts]
  9. Mac & Ward – Ebony (Shadow Child Back 2 Skool extended mix) [Food Music]
  10. Denham Audio – Pocari Sweat (feat Borai) [Sneaker Social Club]
  11. Tv.Out/Orphus – Aurora Secrets/Damaged (303’s Time Tunnel Mastermix) [Parallax/Hypercolour]
  12. Denham Audio – Mercury Tint (original mix) [Killer Smile]
  13. Foul Play – Black Sun (Skeleton Army remix) [Killer Smile]
  14. Redlight & The Voodoos – Rock The House [Fat! Blog]
  15. Luke Vibert – Dream [Hypercolour]
  16. Denham Audio – Top Buzz [Sneaker Social Club]
  17. Scar – The Wrong Side Feat Naomi Pryor (2 Bad Mice Remix) [Metalheadz]
  18. Mani Festo – Spiral [Killer Smile]
  19. 2 Bad Mice – Gone Too Soon [Sneaker Social Club]
  20. Manix – You’re Dreaming [Bandcamp]
  21. Manix – Centa Force [Bandcamp]
  22. Manix – The Feeling [Killer Smile]
  23. Ant To Be – You Know What [Kniteforce]
  24. SR & Digbee – Special Dedication [36 Hertz Recordings]
  25. Cold Mission – These Memories [AKO Beatz]
  26. Threshold – Bad Nah Bloodclarrt! [AKO Beatz]
  27. Gravit-E – I Luv OldSkool [Brawlin Beatz]
A Night In The Slammer: 2020

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