Dead By Dawn

A collection of tunes with loose morals and evil vibes spanning across oddities, hip hop, funk, reggae, house and old skool. Be a smarty at your Halloween party…and play this mix!

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There's a whole bunch of spooky tunes here to get into…some obvious (like Depthcharge - Dead By Dawn), some for the heads (like Kings of Pressure - Tales from the Darkside and James Brown - Cold Blooded), some versions you might not have heard before (like Twonk's take on Thriller with some acapella handiwork and The Neptune's take on Sympathy), oddities (like Binster's (hello!) Ghouls and Ghosts refresh and the Rentaghost theme) and some out and out bangers (like The Scientist - The Exorcist and Silver Bullet - Bring Forth The Guillotine) all mixed up in a flavoursome styleeee. Enjoy!


  1. Depth Charge – Dead By Dawn [Vinyl Solution]
  2. Mos Dub – Ms. Vampire Booty [Not On Label ]
  3. Binster – Ghouls and Ghosts (poltergeist mix) [Not On Label]
  4. Theme – Rent a Ghost
  5. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Necessary Evil [Jagjaguwar]
  6. Kings Of Pressure – Tales From the Darkside [Next Plateau Records Inc.]
  7. James Brown – Cold Blooded [Polydor]
  8. Public Enemy – Welcome to the Terrordome [Def Jam Recordings]
  9. Flevans feat Sarah Scott & Shona Foster – 27 Devils [Tru Thoughts]
  10. The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil (neptunes mix) [Virgin]
  11. Michael Jackson – Thriller (Twonk’s funk of 40,000 years remix) [Soundcloud] / The Reflex – (Michael Jackson) Thriller [The Reflex ‘halloween’ Edit] [Bandcamp]
  12. Silver Bullet – Bring Forth the Guillotine [Parlophone]
  13. Badder Than Evil – Hot Wheels [Buddah Records]
  14. Evil Smarty – The Groove To Make You Dance [Disco Fruit]
  15. Beck – Devils Haircut [Geffen]
  16. Midfield General – Devil In Sports Casual (Cousn’s Unholy remix) [Skint]
  17. Spirit Catcher – Voo Doo Knight [Moodmusic]
  18. The 2 Bears – Ghosts & Zombies [Southern Fried]
  19. Fake Blood – Mars [Cheap Thrills Records]
  20. The Scientist – The Exorcist [Kickin’]
  21. The Prodigy – What Evil Lurks [XL]
  22. Wishdokta – Evil Surrounds Us [Kickin’]
  23. Bushwacka! – Shock Horror [End Recordings]
  24. Mr Psik – Ghosttown Boot [White Label Promo]
  25. Max Romeo – Chase the Devil [Island]
  26. Theme – Twilight Zone
  27. Strategy & DJ Freshtrax – The Dreamaster [Strategy]
  28. Talvin Singh – Vikram the Vampire [Island]
  29. The Specials – Ghost Town [Two-Tone Records]

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