A Night In The Slammer

“…It happens to be a man like Rizla at the 1s and 2s…” 25 old skool 1991-1992 classics in 80 minutes. An essential mix for the ageing raver 🙂 You know the score!

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I cut my DJing teeth at The Time Tunnel and Technocore events at The Slammer in Gravesend and Carpenters Road warehouse in Stratford under my old Rizla and Reezla monikers - alongside the likes of  Kenny Ken, The Brainkillers, Funky Flirt, Rob Andrews, DJ Vibes, and bundles of others - good times :) 

This vinyl mix captures the sort of tunes I was playing around that time around 1991-1992. Big bad old skool breakbeat vibes!

This mix is part 3 of the collins303 old skool series - the other 3 being Acid Heaven, Berwick Fever and Berwick Fever 2: The Manor Born. Grab them all and have yourself a proper old skool night in :)
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  1. D CRUZE: I Believe (remix)
  2. EDGE vol 1: Compounded
  3. HACKNEY HARDCORE: Dancehall Dangerous
  4. SL2: Way In My Brain
  5. DJ SEDUCTION: Hardcore Heaven
  6. ELLIS DEE PROJECT: Do You Want Me
  7. X RAY EXPERIMENTS: Take No Chance
  8. TRONIK HOUSE: Up Tempo
  9. THE HYPNOTIST: Hardcore U Know The Score
  10. D.O.P.E.: When I Was Young
  11. IMPACT RECORDS: DJs Unite vol 2
  12. IBIZA RECORDS: Bring Forward The Noise
  13. JUSTICE & MERCY: Soothe My Soul
  14. DJ PHANTASY: Gonna Rock Your Body
  15. JONNY L: Hurt You So
  16. THE HOUSE CREW: Euphoria
  17. RHYTHM SECTION: Dreamworld
  18. ISOTONIC: Different Strokes (grooverider mix)
  19. URBAN SHAKEDOWN: Some Justice
  20. MARK 13: Techzone
  21. SUB LOVE: She Moves
  22. RUFIGE CRU: Menace
  23. RUFIGE CRU: Terminator
  24. A HOMEBOY, A HIPPIE & A FUNKY DRED: Turbulence
  25. ZERO B: Lock Up
A Night In The Slammer
TIME TUNNEL - June 1992
TIME TUNNEL - June 1992

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