This year’s 303 day mix 🙂 30 fresh acid trax for soundsystems, featuring tunes from Space Dimension Controller, DJ Pierre, Austin Ato, Moby, Fasme, Hardfloor, Paranoid London, Zodiac Childs and many more. Get on it!

Here’s this year’s roundup of some of the choicest acid I've picked up in the previous 12 months, plus a few classics from the crates for good measure 🙂 2 and a half hours worth of box on box action, an essential mix for acid lovers everywhere!

We've got dubby acid, trippy acid, funky acid, housey acid, smelly acid, breakbeat acid, electro acid, trancey acid and plenty of classic acid to go round ... Enjoy!

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  1. Mr. Suvarnabhumi – E60 [Carpe Sonum]
  2. Mr. Suvarnabhumi – Outburst (TB-303 In Kingston mix) [Carpe Sonum]
  3. Aniso Tropics – Topaz [Paper Recordings]
  4. Space Dimension Controller – Kosmische Conga [Running Back]
  5. Offshore & Coen feat Paya – Hold On (Staccatoman version) [Citizens Of Vice]
  6. Billy Daniel Bunter/Sanxion – 88 Acid [Music Monday]
  7. Joal – Wrong Song [Urge To Dance]
  8. The Variable Club – Acid Cocktail (vocal mix) [Fusion Sequence]
  9. Rednail Kidz – Do My Thing (Nacho Marco remix) [Cyclo Recordings]
  10. DJ Pierre – Acid Track (Kink Remix) [Afro Acid]
  11. Interviews – Run, Run, Run [Bitterfeld]
  12. Dick Emery – Acid Drops [ExaltRecords]
  13. Austin Ato – Get Madd [I Love Your Energy]
  14. Deep Acid – Five Steps To Heaven [Acid Works]
  15. Moby – All That I Need Is To Be Loved (Moby Dub) [Elektra]
  16. Black Mirror Park – The Great Filter [Is Serving]
  17. B From E – Amnesia [Haŵs]
  18. Fasme – Planance [Nocta Numerica]
  19. Hardfloor – Diet Starts Monday [Hardfloor]
  20. Turk Turkelton – Rock It [Fabric Worldwide]
  21. Simon – Two Crates (dub) [Future Dreams]
  22. Fear-E – Acidisko [Dame Music]
  23. Wild & Taylor – Bang the Acid [Synewave]
  24. Maurice – This Is Acid [Tommie Sunshine Edit] [Bootleg Blog]
  25. Maurice – This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze) [Trax]
  26. HomeSick – Hardcore! [Exit]
  27. Paranoid London – Fuse [Paranoid London Recordings]
  28. Transparent Sound – Pissing Against The Wind [ExaltRecords]
  29. _Nyquist – Pegasus Path [ExaltRecords]
  30. Zodiac Childs & 1210 – You’re There [ExaltRecords]

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