Now That’s What I Call RADIO303 – 2022

A mix of some of the best tracks played on RADIO303 in 2022. Chill out, disco, house, breakbeat and drum & bass are all inside the ride!

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Featuring the usual mix of chill out ambience, disco, re-edits, heads down house and breakbeat science - without the usual radio jibber jabber :) 

Tune of the year? It's a tricky one as ever but for me it's got to be the final track on this mix, Confidence Man's "Holiday". Strictly from towards the end of 2021 I think, but it didn't make it to the show until '22 and I've loved it every time I've heard it since (and that's a lot!) and they had a big year for sure! There's a load of great remixes of it, but I think the original is pretty perfect as is. Nice one ConMan!

Honourable mentions also for Mystic Bill (definitely my 2nd fave tune of the year), Crazy P, Jungle, Maxine Scott, KiNK, and The Scumfrog ... check 'em all out here! 
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  1. Mungo’s HiFi – We Pulsating (feat Solo Banton) [Scotch Bonnet]
  2. Yosh – Over Drive [Vivid]
  3. Jungle – Good Times [Caiola]
  4. Sundayman Feat Anastasia Basta – Circles [Kraak]
  5. Maxine Scott – Erykah U Bad (North Street West vocal remix) [Ramrock]
  6. Crazy P – If Life Could Be This Way [Walk Don’t Walk Limited]
  7. Prime Time Band & Turbotito – Fall In Love In Outer Space (Turbotito rework) [How Do You Are?/Too Slow To Disco]
  8. Royksopp – The Mourning Sun (Feat. Susanne Sundfor) [Dog Triumph]
  9. Afterlife – Rising Up (James Bright mix) [Subatomic]
  10. Mass Digital – Little Things [All Day I Dream]
  11. The Scumfrog – E Injury [Ethereal Subterranean Recordings]
  12. KiNK – Room To Jack (feat Red Eye – Red Eye’s Occupant’s Life On Mars Revision) [Sofia]
  13. Mystic Bill – Body Moves (Extended NYC Mix) [Classic]
  14. Deetron – Glass [Hot Creations]
  15. Theos – Be Mine (Feat Noa Milee) [Pont Neuf]
  16. Frits Wentink – Double Man (Kink Remix) [Clone]
  17. Bwi-Bwi – Voir Venir [Hot Haus Recs]
  18. DJ Die, Skuff & Prime Cuts – Right About Now [Gutterfunk]
  19. Mmee & Doc Zee – Satisfy [Maraki]
  20. Case 82 – I Just Wanne [Hardcore Energy]
  21. Andrew Whitwell – Love Fantasy [Hardcore Energy]
  22. Mani Festo & Denham Audio – Things You Don’t Do [E-Beamz]
  23. Sam Binary – For Real (feat Deviant) [The North Quarter]
  24. Traumatize – Save Yourself [Dubplate Dread]
  25. Panoram – Pseudolove [Running Back]
  26. Confidence Man – Holiday [Heavenly Recordings]
Now That’s What I Call RADIO303

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