The Next Level

Electro-shockin’ deep and progressive breaks from 2002. Welcome to the next level!

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This is a compact sub-60 minute vinyl mix featuring some quality electro and deep breaks. The Aldo Bender track is a classic and the final title track by Ils is clearly an all time favourite :)


  1. Beber : On The 1 (Botchit & Scarper)
  2. Steve Bug & Dj T : Monster Beat (Marine Parade)
  3. Sheet Hanger : Prototype (In Flight Entertainment)
  4. Aldo Bender Feat. Danoyd : Life Is No Freestlye (In Flight Entertainment)
  5. General Midi : Daft Funk (Boom Box Records)
  6. Koma & Bones : Fundamental (TCR)
  7. Kraymon : One Day, Maybe One Day (Boom Box Records)
  8. Blim Vs Chris Carter : Check It Out (Track Records)
  9. Nubreed : Midi Killer (Boom Box Records)
  10. Atomic Hooligan : Club Shaker (Botchit & Scarper)
  11. Ils : The Next Level (Marine Parade)
The Next Level

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