Intelligent nu skool breaks from the late 90s/early 00s. This mix goes deep!

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A straight up vinyl mix of some deeper breaks from this time. The Orange Kush, Evil 9 and Apex tracks are pure nu skool breaks of the highest order!


  1. TAIKO: Darling Darling – ils mix (F2 Records)
  2. SOUL ELECTRIC & EQ: 4U – instrumental (In Flight Entertainment)
  3. ORANGE KUSH: Swerve On (Botchit Breaks)
  4. SCRATCH D vs H BOMB: The Red Pill (Marine Parade)
  5. EVIL 9: Big Game Hunter (Marine Parade)
  6. REPRAZENT: Lucky Bressure – ils mix (Talkin’ Loud)
  7. BUSHWACKA!: Tuesdays (Plank)
  8. AQUASKY vs MASTERBLASTERS: Stand Tall (Passenger)
  9. T-BOY: Adie’s Goose (Sacred)
  10. DJ ZINC: Go DJ! (Bingo Beats)
  11. EVIL 9: Technology (Marine Parade)
  12. APEX: Jump Funk (Marine Parade)
  13. APEX: Symmetry – nu-breed remix (Marine Parade)
  14. APEX: Our Nation (Marine Parade)

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