interFACE [volume 1]

20 classic breaks tunes from 2003 inspired by my stint on original internet radio dons interFACE.

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I was well chuffed when I got a show on interFACE, they were big in the game! It was my first internet radio 'proper' really and I quickly got well into bringing new music to an online audience. This vinyl mix features 20 classic breaks tunes with a splash of tech house that were rinsed regularly on Saturday afternoons :) It's volume 1 of 3, check out interFACE [volume 2] and interFACE [volume 3] for more breaks action.


  1. Class Of 83 – Back In The Day [En:Vision]
  2. Vandal – Delivering The Goods [Plastic Raygun]
  3. XAV – Proof [Botchit Breaks]
  4. FC Kahuna – Hayling (Ils Mix) [Skint]
  5. DJ Who & Neoverse – Can You [Tribe Unlimited]
  6. Way Out West – UB Devoid [BMG]
  7. Punk Kids – The Chocolate Room (D Ramirex Mix) [Duty Free Recordings]
  8. Just Jack – Snowflakes (Terminalhead Mix) [White Label Promo]
  9. Raw As Fuck – Demon Beats [Against The Grain]
  10. L-Jay – Nu-ways [Funkatech]
  11. 2 Sinners – Mr Jingles [TCR]
  12. Monsoon – Africa (Black Jesus Mix) [Funk Wax]
  13. DJ Killer – I Want Your Love [Functional Breaks]
  14. Nubreed – Satellites [Mob]
  15. Silencer – Rollin’ And Controllin’ [Critical Mass]
  16. Chris Carter – ESP [TCR]
  17. Q Project – Champion Sound (Breakneck Mix) [Narcotix Inc]
  18. Jaded Alliance – Wake Me (Koma & Bones Remix) [White Label Promo]
  19. Layo & Bushwacka – Love Story (Bushwacka! Mix) [Xl Recordings]
  20. Rhythm Is Rhythm – Strings Of Life (Breakz Mix) [White Label Promo]
interFACE [volume 1]

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