Full Flava Behaviour

A tonne of classic tracks in a balearic funky hip hop mash up stylee…The first in a legendary series of master mash up party mixes!

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This vinyl mix from summer 2005 (I went digital soon after!) was the first to kick off the soon to be legendary Full Flava Behaviour series of mixes, and now a club night in it's own right! Wall to wall classic tunes put together in a cut up stylee. Now that's what I call Full Flava Behaviour!
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  1. Dynamo Productions – It’s Showtime
  2. Sheer Taft – Cascades / Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul (Acapella)
  3. Electra – Autumn Love
  4. The Stones Roses – Waterfall (Justin Robertson Mix)
  5. JVC Force – Strong Island / A Skillz & Krafty Kutz – Aint It Funky
  6. A Skillz & Krafty Kutz – Tricka Technology
  7. Max Sedgley – Happy / Hijack – The Badman Is Robbin’ (Acapella)
  8. Run DMC – Beats To The Rhyme
  9. Cry Sisco – Afro Dizzy Act (Bushwacka! Mix) / Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message
  10. Mantronix – King Of The Beats
  11. Public Enemy – Rebel Without A Pause
  12. James Brown – The Funky Drummer (Reprise)
  13. Sugarhill Gang – 8th Wonder (Pressure Drop Mix)
  14. The Jackson Sisters – I Believe In Miracles
  15. Double Dee & Steinski – The Sugarhill Suite
  16. The Blow Monkeys – La Passionara
  17. The Stone Roses – Fools Gold
  18. Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (Oakenfold Mix)
  19. Outro
Full Flava Behaviour

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