Babylon & Ting

Classic 90s liquid drum & bass and jungle, with some choice Orb samples in the mix.

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This and it's sister mix Hemp Life were recorded in the same session, using the mixer sampler and a CD player to trigger samples. It's a vinyl mix recorded to tape and ripped from tape...proper lush 90s DnB business inside!
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  1. SUBJECT 13: Faith (Good Looking)
  2. ORCA NECE: Kingsize (Prime Time Wax)
  3. ELLIS DEE: Atmosphere (Collusion)
  4. SHOGUN: Just For You (Renegade Hardware)
  5. APPALOOSA: Travelling (Good Looking)
  6. WAX DOCTOR: The Spectrum (Metalheadz)
  7. ADAM F: Circles (Positiva)
  8. RONI SIZE: Brute Force (Full Cycle)
  9. TECHNICAL ITCH: Can’t You See (Moving Shadow)
  10. PHD & THE FUNKY TECHNICIAN: Above & Beyond (Good Looking)
Babylon & Ting

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