This year’s 303 day mix 🙂 24 fresh acid trax for soundsystems, featuring tunes from David Duriez, Jordan, Josh Wink, Robert Hood, Roy Of The Ravers, Space Dimension Controller, Luke Vibert and many more. Get on it!

Here’s this year’s roundup of some of the choicest acid I've picked up in the previous 12 months :) 2 hours worth of box on box action, an essential mix for acid lovers everywhere!

This one gets straight down to business from the off with a David Duriez modern classic and settles down into a steady acid groove, peaking out with The Struggle and then heading into progressive and lo-fi territory (hello Roy!) before going off the hook with some wonky acid electro and ending in acidic breaks land courtesy of Luke Vibert and friends. Enjoy!

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  1. David Duriez – Plastic Tracks (Re-rub) [Ovum]
  2. Kocleo – San Lorenzo [True Romance]
  3. Jordan – Quar [CARE4LIFE]
  4. Ivo Del Prado – Acid Milk [Jolly Jams]
  5. Josh Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness (Adana Twins Remix Two) [Strictly Rhythm]
  6. Magnus International – Sitronsyre (Prins Thomas mix) [Full Pupp]
  7. Jordan – Late Night Ten (original mix) [Loose Fit]
  8. Jansons – Boxed (VIP edit – extended mix) [CR2]
  9. Terry Hunter – Madness (Emmaculate Mad On Acid remix) [T’s Crates]
  10. Kristy Harper – 77 [Let’s Play House]
  11. Daniel Bortz – Holding You [Permanent Vacation]
  12. Horse Love – Housework (dub mix) [Mhost Likely]
  13. Robert Hood – The Struggle [M Plant]
  14. Brassica – Crystal Sea [Feel My Bicep]
  15. Cid Inc. – Ground Control [Replug]
  16. Roy Of The Ravers – Emotinium [Emotional Response]
  17. Space Dimension Controller – Space Grunt [Tiraquon Recordings]
  18. Haider – The Oven Door Broke [Warehouse Music]
  19. Reptant – Phasic Reflex [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
  20. Spinnet – Tokamak Overdrive (Max Peak remix) [Deep Garnet]
  21. Fadza – Inside Your Dreams [Playperview]
  22. James Shinra – 1111 [20/20 Vision Recordings]
  23. Luke Vibert – Acid [Hypercolour]
  24. Orphus – Damaged [Hypercolour]

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