House Classics [volume 1]

On February 26, 2010, in MIXES, by collins303

The first in the house classics series… (1999)


01> MR FINGERS: Intro (Trax)
02> CIRCULATION: Cerise (Circulation)
03> AXE CORNER: Tortuga (Pal Ma Res)
04> TALLUHAH: Everything – big c’s sunset dub (Oven Ready Records)
05> FALLOUT: The Morning After (Fourth Floor)
07> ADDIS POSSE: Warrior Dance (Warrior Dance)
08> THE DYNAMIC GUVNORS: People Of The Universe (Blapps)
09> CARTOUCHE: Feel The Groove (Brothers)
10> FRANKIE BONES: I’m Still An Acid Ted (Fourth Floor)
11> CORPORATION OF ONE: The Real Life (Smokin)
12> DA POSSE: Its My Life (Future)
13> PATTI DAY: Right Before My Eyes (Debut)
14> 808 STATE: Pacific (ZTT)
15> GAT DECOR: Passion (Way Of Life)
16> FLOWMASTERS: Let It Take Control (XL Recordings)
17> EQUATION: The Answer (XL Recordings)
18> FLOWMASTERS: Energy Dawn (XL Recordings)
19> FANTASY UFO: UFO (XL Recordings)
20> MR FINGERS: Can U Feel It? (Trax)

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10 Responses to House Classics [volume 1]

  1. collins303 says:

    nice one carl!

  2. Carl says:

    Seems like only yesterday these songs were being played, always young at heart… Long live dance music

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