RADIO303 Choice Tunes #084

My monthly look back at the best tunes from the last RADIO303 show! This time round we have a tune of the year contender from Crazy P, quality peak time nu skool old skool warehouse business from Chrissy and an outstanding return from J Majik. MASSIVE 🙂

Crazy P - This Fire

Chrissy - We're Moving
J Majik - Meridian

Crazy P – This Fire [Walk Don’t Walk Limited]

Rolling breakbeats, disco house bass, soaring vocals, easy on the keys… Absolutely wicked uplifting summer vibes from the every reliable Crazy P crew. This tune definitely brings the fire, with a really great switch up towards the end, its the top track for me from the recent album. All over it!

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Chrissy – We’re Movin’ [Super Rhythm Trax]

Straight up brand new warehouse vibes on this one from the ever reliable Super Rhythm Trax stable. I can’t wait to play this on a system, it’s a stomper, no messing. Relax your mind!

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J Majik – Meridian [Infrared]

Now this is a special one. The sci-fi spacey hardcore proto-jungle synth sound has got to be one of my favourite sounds to hear. It kicks off this tune from the brand new J Majik album in an absolutely awesome style. The breaks are crisp, fx all on point. I can’t get enough of this brand new music that sounds like its come straight from ’93. Get this and go back to the good times while being bang up to date 🙂

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