RADIO303 Choice Tunes #086

My monthly look back at the best tunes form the last RADIO303 show! This time round we have a wicked slice of cosmic jazz from Jameszoo, sleazy 303 action from Azur and rolling breakbeat acid thunder from De Sluwe Vos. ACIEEEEED!


AZUR - 2


Azur – Debbies [Partyfine]

This is a really nice EP featuring 2 tracks of mid tempo sleazy acid, just the way we like it 🙂 This track just edges out of it the 2…plenty of percussion, a nagging 303 line, synths in all the right places and some choice female vocals. Super stuff!

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Jameszoo & Metropole Orkest – (flake) [Brainfeeder]

Loving this. I always keep an eye on the Jazz releases on Juno and every now and then it pays off with a tume I would never have normally come across. This epic track happily sits in a few different genres, all with the ‘cosmic’ prefix. Grab this tune and start feeling/looking cooler!

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De Sluwe Vos – Alphaeus [Who’s Susan]

Big tune alert! This is so far up my alley it’s not been seen since I played it last 🙂 A rolling breakbeat and a single 303 line. Simple, deadly and oh so effective – It’s what warehouses were made for. Great artwork too!

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What’s your take on these tracks? What else floated your boat in the last show? Let me know in the comments below…

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