RADIO303 Choice Tunes #081

My monthly look back at the best tunes from the last RADIO303 show. This time round we have great new summer disco from Crazy P, wonky bassline house from Agzilla out on Metalheadz and some wicked smokey house from Sam Irl & Dusty!

Crazy P – SOS [Walk Don’t Walk Limited]

You can’t beat a bit of Crazy P for instantly transporting you to a beach on the Adriatic with peak summer time vibes. This is an awesome slice of sun kissed summer disco from Jim and the gang. Love it πŸ™‚

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Agzilla – Contrafiction [Metalheadz Platinum]

I’m not sure I’ve ever come across anything other that quality drum and bass on Metalheadz but this new album from Agzilla has all sorts of vibes across it. This track stood out for me – a proper good slice of wonky bassline house with some slick breakbeats for good measure. Go get it!

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Sam Irl & Dusty – Twelve Inch Jams 004 [Jazz & Milk]

This is a wicked EP with 2 great blunted smokey house tracks that suit both the warm up and peak time vibes. Loads going on here and all underpinned with crisp electronics and beats. Love Prelude just about edges it for me over Broken Spell. Awesome stuff!

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