How to copy key info from comments field to key field in Serato

A while ago I finally, worked out how to copy all key info from the comments field to the key field in serato. Not sure why it took me so long as its blindingly obvious but I do know that no matter how I searched on Google for answers, I never found this easy method. So, here it is:

Assuming you have the key info currently written to your comments field….

  1. Sort all tracks by order of comments.
  2. Then select and highlight all 1A tracks (assuming your list of tracks starts at 1A)
  3. Once you have selected all those tracks marked 1A, double click in the key field of 1 of the tracks, enter 1A and press enter.
  4. Serato will ask you to confirm you want to update X amount of tracks. Click Yes, and it will write 1A to the key field of all those tracks.
  5. Rinse & repeat.

*** Probably worth backing up everything first just in case you make an error and update a shitload of tracks with the wrong info. Try it with just a small selection first so you understand it.


What do you think?