Buxton, BUG & Bonobo

Who doesn’t love  a bit of Dr Buckles? After catching the BUG tv series last year,  we thought it was about time we got ourselves to the proper BFI hosted show and I can safely say it didn’t disappoint.

From the very get go, Adam was on top form with his usual banter and japery! A nice little Bowie pastiche in the first selection set stuff up nicely and loads of great content followed.

The highlight for me had to be Cyriak’s video for the new Bonobo track ‘Cirrus’. Intricacy in extremis.  Decent track as well! As ever, the youtube comment analysis was spot on 🙂

There was a really nice section on Run Wrake too who had sadly passed away recently.

I’ll definitely be checking out all future BUGs where possible – £15 for a 2 hour sesh with your funniest mate coming round to show you some eye popping videos whilst being totes hilares. What’s not to like?

What do you think?