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(Monday, Feb 12. 2018 12:21 PM)
I want to take this opportunity and thank you for the excellent content you have put out for us all. I greatly appreciate it and read with a voracious appetite!
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Marketing Video
(Tuesday, Mar 29. 2016 10:40 PM)
hello matey. is that the Collins 303 that I remember from 10 years or so back.
Answer: Hey Man – must be, there’s only one of me πŸ™‚
(Monday, Nov 9. 2015 05:04 AM)
Happy birthday dude!!!!!
(Monday, Mar 16. 2015 09:57 PM)
Hey mr 303.. Hope all is well. hoping to catch ya next Radio303 show on NSBradio. Still lovin the Protect & Survive mixes.. πŸ™‚ good times..
Answer: nice one Rob, see you for the show πŸ™‚
(Monday, Dec 8. 2014 10:58 PM)
Ez, just downloaded all your mixes from 2003-2005, some great tunes, remind me of good times.
Answer: Enjoy!
(Thursday, Aug 7. 2014 08:55 AM)
Hello Reevesey! At last! PICS: seeeeeeeeen
(Wednesday, Aug 6. 2014 07:41 PM)
Right Collins, I’m visiting but there aren’t enough pictures on here.
Two visits in one week πŸ™‚
Richard Osman
(Tuesday, Mar 4. 2014 04:40 PM)
Hiya Just wanted to say that Xander and I really enjoy listening to your mixes in our dressing room when we are filming Pointless. We particularly like the Full Flavour Behaviour series. We’re hoping to do a round on your mixes one day. Would love it if you followed me on Twitter! @richardosman Best wishes,
Frank Lampersand & Hank Sambaband
(Thursday, Feb 7. 2013 05:14 PM)
Hi there Collins! We just wanted to write & let you know how much we love how you play fast & loose with ampersands in your mail outs & blog posts! Our names are Frank & Hank & we get ever so excited when we see there is a new post from you as there is sure to be an ampersand in there somewhere! We have been thinking of starting a club, would you be interested? Love & kisses from Frank B Lampersand & Hank J Sambaband xxxx
Answer: nice one frank & hank & ting & ting !
Pete Waterman
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 04:32 PM)
These mixes are perfect! Full Flavour Behaviour 3 is particularly superb. They remind me of a young Brian Adams, when he was at the top of his game. Would you be interested in warming up for my next (uncancelled) Hit Factory concert? Stock and Aitken are fully on board. Hope to hear from you soon! Best regards, Pete
Answer: Nice one Pete – count me in! Maximum respex – I’m a BIG fan!
Cheryl Baker
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 04:05 PM)
I have just started my own business backing old school cakes and these mixes are really motivating the kitchen staff! Thank you so much Mr 303!!!!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 04:02 PM)
fat ******* whilst typing this and listeing to these tunes, which happen to be Dream the code its asked me to put in is 3 letters and one numeric
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 04:01 PM)
nice mix of acid
acid heaven
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 04:01 PM)
acid heaven
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 04:01 PM)
Recently took a sector 9 longboard to a very flat city and skated around the place for a few days to some Collins 303 mixes. Listened to ‘Bozum Breakz’ and ‘…Last train to Stantonville’ mixes on a loop pretty much. Seamless mixing, excellent playlists. Thanks and keep it up dude. πŸ™‚
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 04:01 PM)
Hi! I very like things you do! Thank you!
Martin Adam
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 04:01 PM)
the bet is still on
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 04:00 PM)
Last train to Stantonville.. top. Good little find this site.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 04:00 PM)
Hemp Life & Babylon & Ting. Best liquid funk funk mixes EVER. Been on the ipod for years – timeless – class – thanks !
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 04:00 PM)
Absolutley brilliant website/mixes – really does bring all the memories back. Am spreading the word, and please keep ‘em coming!…
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:59 PM)
Top Draw site my boys…. Berwick Fever is like a real trip home πŸ™‚ One question… can you provide any more info on the track on your mixes.. ‘Landlord – Lets Get Busy’ ? I can’t seem to find refs for it anywhere including Any label or artist info you can provide? thanks.
Alex Zebra
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:59 PM)
Mate, top mixes! Thanks for the culcha – your beats keep us happy in Mexico πŸ˜€
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:58 PM)
Full Pirate Behaviour. Best party mix ever. Have to agree with that statement what a mix. Keep up the good work
Donkmeister Ho Dan
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:57 PM)
Treble mid bass,
remember the face,
yes it’s the man 303
and he’s mashing up the place! Full Pirate Behaviour. Best party mix ever. Fact! Maximums brofolio. Peace and Fuckin. Believe!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:57 PM)
Superb entertainment! Everyone’s coolest DJ in-a-box ! Playing Eve is great with this stuff playing I may even drag my samplers out soon ;p keep it up and swingin’ bud….Ushra’Khan (insert red fist)
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:57 PM)
solid mixes!! just lovin em! keep up the good work guys.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:56 PM)
a big whajooooo for you mek! the funky beats mix is putting a big smile on my face!!! and the acid mixes….. WOW respect!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:56 PM)
Back for more of the same…Acid Heaven…Quality mix! Nuke
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:56 PM)
Wot luck…looking for old ‘bits’ on the Slammer – Gravesend, and stumble onto ur site! I went to Slammers back in the day, had some propper mental nites in there… Only download ‘House Classix Vol 1′ so far…WICKED!!!
Welldone – you’ve made my nite!
Now marked as a favorite, so i’ll depinately be back for more…oh yes!
Thanks again… Nuke (as in the lable NUKLEUZ!)
the flange
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:56 PM)
funs scum disco loving it oh yes yes yes
Mike Lennon
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:55 PM)
big up the man like 303 each & everytime!!!!
Funked into a cocked hat
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:55 PM)
i thought you were all dead. ;0) berwick badest.
The right honerable emskina flange Phd BSE BSC QVC
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:54 PM)
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:54 PM)
Thank you for ‘Dutch ********
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:53 PM)
Full Flava Behaviour baby!!! Word… Bumpin from 06′ to 09′ and beyond! Wooooooord!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:52 PM)
Just caught your FULL FLAVA BEHAVIOUR IV mix on PulseRadio, great that I can download it here – keep up the good work!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:52 PM)
great beatz , go on like that! real great mixes…
Jack the Hat
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:51 PM)
Just downloaded SunRaze and FFB3. Both are the bollocks well done sir. Well recommended RYU!
colin ross
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:51 PM)
slammer group on facebook.
have look some old rave pics
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:50 PM)
As longer I listen to your mixes the more I like them. ABSOLUTELY GREAT ! I mean this, its really a devine art of mixing ! Please do more more more !!!! Check your youtube acc Cheers mate !
Nick M
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:50 PM)
Good times, happy days – thanks for bringing it all back -Berwick Manor Rhubarb and Custards an so much more
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:48 PM)
Just a thing I forgot to say: I do make videos on youtube, concering terms of DJing.
I will make a video about your site and maybe some people who like Breakz n Oldskool will come here and listen your mixes … Check out my profile at if you want to see the video or some of my other vids (funny smileys lol) Cheers
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:48 PM)
Hey guys, really like your mixes. Especially the breakbeat/DnB ones … my favourite is “research” ! Awsome ! Keep up the great work !
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:48 PM)
Found your site after searching for Berwick Manor!! Great times there and although some of the music got a bit too techno for me (prefer chicago house) there were some great nights. I remember a guy from City Sounds Record Shop (Holborn) DJ’ing – knew his stuff. Also remember some Stone Roses, Indie tracks played amongst the house/techno/acid – great days! Will download and have a listen.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:43 PM)
I am one happy happy dude since finding your site………………
Craig Mars
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:42 PM)
Hey Collin 303, brilliant mix “FULL FLAVA BEHAVIOUR IV – Live from the trading floor” and congrats on the we love fresh blood comp πŸ™‚ You have blessed my speakers with the funky freshnesh Thnkyou πŸ™‚ and respect for the future :
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:42 PM)
Just to add I love that ‘System’ mash up that you did – the originol has always been a big favourite of mine from ‘back in the day’.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:41 PM)
I saw the post on NuSkoolbreaks about your site, so I thought I would check it out. I havn’t stopped listening since the weekend. Some great mixes, on the site, with plenty of depth and diversity. Thanks very much for sharing these. I have sent your link on to friends who I know will appreciate your mixes. We are going to come down and check you out at the Tabernacle. Take it easy. Gumbo
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:41 PM)
I just found your site after googling progressive breaks and hitting hybrid as presented by collins303. I am now a happy web listener.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:40 PM)
thanks 303, downloaded some mixes (nusoul-sunraze-classics-80′s) only got round to really listening and enjoying them all – thanks so much for sharing.
dt of the ism
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:39 PM)
FFB4 is nothing short of a masterpiece!!!!!
Chris you should be incredibly proud of it, edits or not!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:39 PM)
Simply Superb Sir !!
A big thank you for sharing these mixes. I love the old skool stuff, reminds of nights out in Leeds (The Warehouse) and Stoke (Shelleys)
Brilliant mixing and great quality.
Respect mate. Cheers
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:38 PM)
Furkin marvelous. You’ve just brightened up a rainy Good Friday ! I first heard some of your mixes on Blentwell’s archives then Googled this site. Class. Keep em comin
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:38 PM)
I love the mixes from the late 80′s. They give my goose pimples!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:38 PM)
trouble’s not my scene πŸ™‚ so be cool either way, its awesome to have heard from you…. like i say, chrisATcollins303DOTcom
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:37 PM)
I would get so done for coming on here, but wanted to look πŸ™‚ Soo erm yh lol.
I rlly dont no what to say 😐
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:36 PM)
eh yo libs – get in touch chris AT collins303 DOT com
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:36 PM)
Go on this if you want,
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:35 PM)
Keep up the good work fella. Ace mixes
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:35 PM)
Congratulations on adding your 50th mix to ya website fella…got every one…
Keep up the Phat work you do mate! Solace_one (Breaks Addict)
the one like flange
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:33 PM)
collins303, congrats on the 50th mix on the website! bloody hell! on the d/l now. i want the entire 303 back catalogue. its a fucking sunny day today and i am up early with nu soul warriors, dreaming of the summer! x x x
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:32 PM)
Excellent mixes, I recommend your site to everyone! Keep the faith
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:32 PM)
the “berwick” mix kills it!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:31 PM)
hi mate bin a few years lol
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:31 PM)
Mr Neil Soul
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:31 PM)
i take a look at your site and whats the 1st thing i see but only a piccy of my lovely face ! thanks for thinking of us. been a while mate. hope all is good in 303 world.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:30 PM)
loving the latest mixes fella….cant wait for the next installment…
keep up the excellent work….
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:29 PM)
Lovin the mixes, especially last train to stantonville. Gonna have to my work my way through all of them now Keep up the sterling effort chaps!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:29 PM)
Much Respect for those bombastic mixes….
Feel the OldSkool….
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:29 PM)
raised the hackles to hear those tunes from the old days, and you’ve brought me forward as well. Thanks from an old git who was there at the beginning and who’d begun to think the spirit was gone from those days. I recommend your site to everyone.
kathryn “puffstarr”
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:26 PM)
Luv luv the mixes.. absolutely quality! they’re really creative and a bit different to all the other stuff you tend to hear a lot. Bozum breaks intro is awweesome. keeep it up!!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:25 PM)
Oh Yeah!
The OldSkool mixes!
How I miss the Berwick Manor; TheGloryDays!
a BIG thanx deep from theHear
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:25 PM)
Quality tunes and excellent mixing – what’s not to like?! I have forwarded this site to everyone…
Char Aka LadyJ-Loxy
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:25 PM)
hey so glad i stumbled upon this site how great, just found out how much i liked breaks bin gettin on replenishin my music, your mixes are fab and your generosity is fully appreciated!!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:24 PM)
Greetings. What can one say. Excellent site. Thanks for sharing your wonderful mixies, free of charge. Love the variation. Thanks especially for the time tunnel night in the slammer mix, great journey upstairs & down. I was there most weekends even though I was not local. Who knows, we may have even rubbed jaws. Keep up the good work.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:24 PM)
sweeeeet! a night in the slammmer
acid heaven
and berwick fever – i might have even been there…
Steve (Clin)
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:23 PM)
Cracking set at Flangestock fella! Absolutely fuckin’ blinding……..
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:23 PM)
@ Chris – cheers for the feedback πŸ™‚
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:22 PM)
i never knew someone would bother mixing for as long as you, ur songs dont match, other than that, good tune selection
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:21 PM)
Awesome website,and the mixes are top notch 303…i’m still listening to the breakzology mixes…But my favourite is the viva jim branning mix…ah mate its wicked…nice work mr 303…keep up the excellent work mate and big up those breakz!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:20 PM)
Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!
Superb mixes the lot of them – just about everybody’s cup of tea… this site is a MUST for dance music fans!
Special thanx for the newbeat and house :*)
From an old graver πŸ™‚
Mark Sooks
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:20 PM)
Berwick Flavor is shit hot!! Takes me back to the days of Labyrinth, Camden Palace, Echos and of course the Berwick Manor. Nice
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:17 PM)
spot on 303, just been shown ur site… thanks for da downloads lovin them breaks
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:17 PM)
Got stuck in the oldskool mixes section! WELL DONE!!! It’s all excellent and brings back memories & tears to my eyes πŸ™‚ Hopefully I will download them all in time. You’re already in my favourites list and soon in my site’s links also…
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:17 PM)
The BERWICK FEVER mix is fantastic. Me and my mates used to go to Berwick most weekends. I especially liked “16> BITIN’ BACK: She’s Breaking Up” and “17> MI 7: Rockin’ Down The House” because they used to play these bad boys most weeks (now I finally know what they are called!) and I almost used to headbang down the front at the manor. Also Nu-Tek Happiness…what a sound…insane on the dancefloor…all you could see were shadows, strobes, smoke, flailing arms and hair and the loudest PA ever. thanks Collins303 this has made my day!! cheers Mark.
alan aka MUNKTON
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:16 PM)
loved your set mate took me away loving it. im old old school producer living in the past with analougr and acid house. done it for me though love it
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:16 PM)
Easy Chris, Was good to meet you at the xmas party! Downloading that 80s mix to the walkman now. Nice one bruv
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:15 PM)
Cheers for the wicked mixes. Took me back to some of my favourite memories of playing British Bulldog with the dibbles to get into our Hardcore Uproar raves.
Live the Dream Bro
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:15 PM)
ello chris how are u ????
hope all is good ez mike
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:09 PM)
just wanted to say, that your mixes are straight up. you is the shit !! i aint heard any body mix like you for a long long time! i’m an old school party head, big into DiY , the monsters of House from Nottingham, used to party hard in the early 90β€²s at the free partys in the UK also used to go to Spiral Tribe partys, nowt like them outside partys, especially when that sun comes up , but Mr collins you is the man, what a great selection of tunes you play. keep it up fella.. its good to hear this shit
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:09 PM)
Excellent stuff. Keep up the good work. BozumBreakz is immense.
If you’re ever playing in Japan, i’ll be there.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:08 PM)
i feel nearly 20 years younger listening to a few of your mixes .i aint thought about the berwick manor for a few years but then cant really remember a lot from them days anyway lol thanks for the tracks
Mark Hughes
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:08 PM)
Excellent mixes .. the House Classix Volume 1 is fucking out there! Let us know when you guys chuck some videos on YouTube for us to watch too! Enough respect to the 303 Crew x
Big Nick D
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:07 PM)
Wikid stuff Mr 303. You are truly one of the greats!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:07 PM)
Loved the ‘a kick up the 80′s’ – genius!
Paul Lucas
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:07 PM)
Had to let you know what a great site yours is !!!!
I have every one of your mixes on my ipod already and it is constantly in use.
I used to be a hardcore raver back in the day so I can really relate to all the oldskool tunes.{make some noise)
oldskool raver
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:06 PM)
You da man no matter what genre
The Next Level and c20h25n30 are masterpices mate! more electro pls
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:06 PM)
wicked site and a proper talent mate…one of my few musical releases i have since i moved to SingaBore…you would be shocked to see Ministry of sound here, its embarasing!! need my nights back in THE END, back in the squats of London. big shout to the Little Green Planet! peace
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:05 PM)
The Berwick Fever Mix brought back a lot of memorys for me ! A nice site Regards
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:05 PM)
Absolutly smashing site, very good mixes.
Big props!
Tobago Thug
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:05 PM)
This site is wicked sta, me proper lick it up two time. :rave:
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:04 PM)
hi peeps just got to the ‘olive – your not alone mix’ & couldn’t help myself, its on the ‘booty beatz’ mix’ & I am alone.. but obviously not, check this one out.Big bigg fan since i found this website, i have & I will contininue to spread the WORD… you are da man, what a website mate, what diomond, we will treasure you in the welsh valleys, bring it on, come on down & strutt your stuff matey (butt) please… …luv ya flip
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:04 PM)
Well what can i say, massive site. I am old skool raver and like so many settled to have kids and had to get on with working hard.
I used to go berwick manor RIP what a place. i got goosbumps from the download. big up ya chest old school massive. would do it all again but dont think my hips could take anymore
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:03 PM)
Hi there great fan of the site and lovin ur love of breaks. πŸ™‚ was just
wonderin if there were any plans to play in bournemouth any time? Keep the
faith, break the system πŸ˜‰ sn0rt
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:03 PM)
this is it…this is what ive been looking for for years…..this is the one….fan bloody tastic…my life has become whole again…missed all this soooooooooooo much…all familyfied now calmed it!!….acid mixes r top…………great tunes.wanna go back alround ..mind blown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THX THX THX
Mat aka [email protected] aka $puN
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:02 PM)
N1 Mate, top notch mixes…not all my flavour, but…Respect I used to be an “Old School Raver” ’88-’95 then we had kids… nowadays i like Breaks and Beats and a bit of Acid. Your mixes (most of ‘em) are exactly my thing…keep ‘em coming! Keep On Keeping On!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 03:01 PM)
mate – your site is just solid. my number one choice for essential earfood.
good on ya! yer an inspiration.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:49 PM)
Hi Chris. It was nice meeting you in London two weeks ago on sunday. Its always good to meet a musiclover. Tam (pc) did a good job to please us. Hope to see you sometime live. Going to download some music and maybee u can play over here. Later my friend
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:48 PM)
ust wanted to send you big thanks for putting your mixes up on the net for us to download. It’s good to hear proper break beat/ beats and old school especially as the current breakbeat scene appears to be going very gay….. Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated!!!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:48 PM)
Peter George
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:47 PM)
This is the best site i have ever been on i commend you buddy crackin downloads im telling all my friends.good man. And have a good new year
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:47 PM)
flava vol 2 wicked what a tracklist nice one!
a guy called geralds mate
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:47 PM)
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:46 PM)
that full flava mix is the bomb!nice one
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:46 PM)
Collins303, Just liked to say cheers for last night and a splendid birthday celebration last night…. Left at 730am and the cab cost Β£15 for 6miles… Safracoomba Safety in Numbers Acid
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:46 PM)
ello mate, thought it was time to come get me some 303 see ya soon!!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:45 PM)
Reezla, Aint heard from you in a while, you alright?
Dave Vice
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:45 PM)
Hi Chris, Just a quickie to say – cheers for playing a blinder at Vice Versa(most diverse set played ever) sorry I didn’t make it to the afterparty and your welcome back anytime. cheers Dave
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:45 PM)
I need a job, my agency has not been able to place for the 5 – 6 years I have been with them. I need a job to land on my lap, ideally working from home!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:44 PM)
big respect some very cool mixes i dig this site
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:44 PM)
great music, great service – appreciated
Jim Branning
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:44 PM)
Oi you little toerag, just found out you’ve got me an Dorothy in your music thing. I don’t really give a monkeys but poor ol Dorothy’s gawn spare! You better sort it out sharpish sunshine. You’re takin the bleedin piss
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:43 PM)
thanx chris 4 the wicked night……….. cya at winter once again cheers
DJ Ryme
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:43 PM)
Awesome!!!!!loving every mix and track that i click. the amount of good music is staggeringly extensive. Nice one bruv!
Keep it going yo.
Wax equestriaN
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:43 PM)
Hi Chris….. just been pillaging your bandwidth for quite a few of the mixes………. just need to buy more blank CDRs now………….. cheers Wax
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:43 PM)
Killer mixes throughout. Thanks for sharing!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:42 PM)
The Funky Shitz and Herbal Dynamix are a sheer pleasure to listen to.The crisp clean mixes of bygone instrumentals are done to perfection. Coming out with part 2 of each is something to look forward to. Every 2 or 3 years i change my music mood. Right now i got a feeling for nothing but 303 Old School Jams. Thanks Guys
Addictive Oddity
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:42 PM)
Looking for marmite images, found my way here. Loved the funnies, who knew lego men were so clued in!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:42 PM)
This is the true **** man! Me mate hooked me up with your mixes and I love ‘em. It’s I dunno just great!
Awesome! Wikkid! Sensational! UNF I say, UNF! So much good music is out there, and you showed me. Thanks a lot and plz keep it up. I am looking forward to see more!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:41 PM)
HI mister 303! Im from switzerland – please add me to your newsmailing. I have to say…your mixes are great!!! dang man, you’ve got tunes that I never heard or for that Im searching a lot! you saved my day yesterday. I downloaded some of yours mashups…big respect, mixing oldschoolbeatz’n’breaks with stomping acid and house! wow. I know only 2manyDjs playing like this. go ahead and keep the acidbeatz alive!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:41 PM)
you got some good looking mixes on your site.that pink floyd mash album total respect.oh by the way how about a follow up to the funky shitz good mix tight as fuck.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:41 PM)
yo, gud mates with scotty fatlace, he put me onto you. you are a true jedi young sir! be sure these mixes are gettin blasted outa my car, lettin the people know whats goin on! peace!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:40 PM)
whats up chrisssssssssssss!!!!!!!! nice hip hop selection at retoxbar!!!!
and thanx 4 all!!!!! cya at 1st july!!!!!!!! cheers
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:40 PM)
Are you a time lord 303? Most gayness respect!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:40 PM)
nice one scotty – there are rumours of da funky shitz part 2 being on the horizon……its been 5 years in the making so hold tight!
scotty fatlace
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:39 PM)
MAN!!!..Just downladed yr Funky shitz mix…Slicker than most Homez..Lovin this
scotty fatlace
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:39 PM)
Big Thankyous…been looking for one a these choonz fer years but not known what it is..chanced on this site and BOSH !there it is…Moody Boys -Acid Heaven..Gonna check the rest out now..Peace
paul lucas
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:39 PM)
Wicked site mate…….Loved the mixes,nice one……….Take it easy…….
colin dickson
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:38 PM)
hi, been getting into breaks for the past year and half and must say this site is smokin! really excellent mixes sparked a lot of nostalga in some of them……….keep up the good stuff. c
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:38 PM)
Alright Chris
I’ve had a right old rumage through your site mate, Good stuff
House classix volumes 1 to 3, ohh lala.
Gonna be havin’ me a strut about to those mate.. Respex
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:38 PM)
acid heaven is fab.lots of old stuff from a pirate station about 1990. smart boys 101.2fm london. and of course some of the illegal rave classics….sunrise maidenhead uk anyone???you know what i mean.cheers for the mp3.let acid music live.
Dirty Dave
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:38 PM)
Dude you’ve got some skills and ideas, your old skool Hip Hop and Funk mixes get me go’n big time. I just can’t stop myself from B.Boy’n! Get choice of tunes, they blend well and the vibes you create are fresh.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:37 PM)
Love the mixes. Well produced. Listening to House Classix – Volume 3 at the mo. Great stuff. 303 heaven! πŸ˜‰
The Meister
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:37 PM)
Still swinging it 303, nuff said. Mite see you sat for beer. Reezla Pak!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:37 PM)
big up to 2 man himself mr.collins 303 nice page and very good mixes………. cya at 1st july in mannhighm!!!!!!!!!!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:36 PM)
Respect to you for an excellent site mate. Sterling, grade A mixes with a personal touch. Look forward to seeing/hearing plenty more in the future. Olly
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:36 PM)
Hmm not often you follow a link and are mighty glad you did!!
Only flicked through a few mixes and you can do no wrong boy!
Good work, keep it up!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:36 PM)
Hey man just got your It Sprouted mix in the mail and it’s GREAT. Thanks so much I look forward to your future greatness!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:35 PM)
reel nice site – i love that oldskool breakbeat stuff! More mixes pleeze!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:35 PM)
e nuf said…..bedroom mania, spliff, someone coming up the stairs……Β£20 in the top pocket on the train! The most monged out sessions 303, the memories will remain! Nuf said!
Looney Lodgey
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:35 PM)
Oi, 303 i was just taking a browse on the 30th B’day pictures and i have to say, what a rush come back to me bones, everyone red in the face and enjoying the party, nice vibes. Coolio (memories)
Bum Man
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:34 PM)
Eeerrrggg 303…dont i know you from Slammer you long hair monkey
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:34 PM)
hey up, 303. nice site. nice mixes. ta for the BSC hospitality. the deviant was most impressed. here’s to the april pickeld where the 303, the AWE and the deviant are gonna show lincoln how LOUD music can get. respect to ya n the barking sleep clinic crew.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:34 PM)
Anyone want a job? I am the Messiah
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:32 PM)
nice site
thanks for the downloads .
i was trying to find and get an old tune from 1990
had the lyrics turn to west ham and used to be played on centre force
any help would be great
thank again
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:32 PM)
heard a mix of yours on vibe,had to visit ya site to checkout more!!….The site is just bloody awesome mate!! and the tunes & mixes…spot on!! I consider myself a nu-skool producer,obviously producing out of my bedroom come studio…checkout the tunes i’ve done,and let me know what ya think!!….it’ll be nice to have some feedback from someone who’s more experienced.. keep up the good work your doing fella…. peace.. solace
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:31 PM)
Just to say thanks for the mixes, enjoying House Classix v1 as I type. So yes, loving it! Thanks!!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:22 PM)
UR CONCSCIENCE – hello/goodbye Jens! Spreading good vibes as always!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:18 PM)
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:18 PM)
***** DeLix
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:17 PM)
I am to be very much lking your site, it is me the ***** Delix who is now having release of ‘Street Dance’ boot on Medcab very soon. Tis to be bigger than our Toxic booty I am sure you will now when you are hearing. I thanks you for your back2back Break Machine tunes on you latest mix. It is to be a winner!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:17 PM)
Respect to John Peel!
Tim Acid
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:14 PM)
Just want to say thanks for the mixes I downloaded. Liked the Old Skool 1990-1991 stuff from berwick manor – that was how I remember that era with all of those tunes – pure class m8…… also been listening to the early acid mix and house classic vol 1 mix – top notch m8…. If you ever wanna do a set for Pirate Revival internet radio let me know.. Thanks again
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:14 PM)
nice site mate i was very nice suprised of your pm last night !!!!:) see ya at nsb chat room .
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:14 PM)
yo bro – nice to see some positive feedback on here – all the hard work is starting to pay off – u never kno i may come out of retirement soon so watch ya bassbins πŸ™‚
when u gonna start remastering our old mixes gee? i’ve got a draw full of em;)
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:13 PM)
Realy top funky shizzle dizzle… I have downloaded every mix and will get back to you in the year 2020 when i have finished listening to them… top stuff 303 keep it up… also check my sight for my home made tunes… nice and fresh just like ya granny used to make
Mr Flip
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:13 PM)
Hi, You may not remember my name but I started the scene at the Manor and was the Manager and Licencee of the Berwick Manor from 87 to 93 I also dj’ed every Sat nite with Roger Johnson.
It would be good to hear from you.
Myagi / Sole Claw
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:11 PM)
nice funky stuff man, keep it up!!!!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:10 PM)
Nice site mate, cool mixes and great links!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:10 PM)
Great stuff!! I could listen for hours! Thanks for sharing your mixes!!
Geraldinho Horatio Bullwinkle Adams
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:09 PM)
Hey Mr 303! Just thought you may like to know that i’ve just voted for you & the AWE soundsystem in the DJ mag top 100 dj’s poll. Reckon you should do the same!
Neil Soul
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:08 PM)
Nice site fella. I,m glad theres stil a few of us from te heady days of 88 keeping the spirit alive. Seeing that old Sin flyer took me back .We went to viirtually all the same clubs so i,m sure we must have had a dribble or two to each other. Via la acid house !!!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 12:08 PM)
acid life
Mark J
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:53 AM)
Hi Chris,
Great site, Thanks for the mixes. That mix from Naramine to Playing with Knifes is fat. I went to the Slammer a few times in ’91, what a place! Thanks for making an old raver and his ipod very happy!
Mark p.s. any chance of some more old school mixes?
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:53 AM)
your site is really great!!
thank you very much for sharing your mixes with the world
i am just listening to Β΄researchΒ΄ the last 30 mins do definately rock. thanx for that keep it up & all the best from the land of *****s
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:52 AM)
The best session, of the best Dj from the world
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:52 AM)
IΒ΄m spanish, i like Break Beat, and I like very much, good good music, thx for do it for all!! I know little inglish, sorry! Thx !!!!!!! wow, our music is very good,!!!
I know about us because i hear in breakFm.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:51 AM)
got yer 2x cd mate. some much needed quality tunage for me CD player. cheers and keep up the excellent skills
Massive Penis
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:51 AM)
your a faggot like vibes. Haha reezla
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:51 AM)
Collins you are brilliant and we all love you. Please can I have a signed photo?
Breaks FM
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:50 AM)
Big up Collins 303….
Check out Collins 303 & Dj Grizzla on every saturday 12 midday till 2pm gmt.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:50 AM)
Hello! I’m spanish dj, excuse me but my english isn’t very good. I want to say you that your mix, breakzology is really good and I hope can
download nexts mixes. The tracks are the best! question! In Uk you know
spanish djs?? Thank! Byee!!! BlasbeaT
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:50 AM)
I happen to be a breakbeat junkie and I have to tell you I love the site. thanx for all the great mixes. I have a few records to look for to add to my collection now as well.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:49 AM)
just to let you know, got the cd yesterday and it kicks ass. loved the transition from funky cut and paste hip hop to rockin’ breaks – pretty sweet, and that intro track is hella funny!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:49 AM)
Yeah, wicked, sorted man!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:49 AM)
kinda good.. i enjoy all the mixes, the mixing is good, the tracks are good.. i just think there’s something missing.. a spark that would make a good mix a great mix
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:48 AM)
hey mate, i like your mix-sets, i just down-loaded most of them! visit our munich homebase – if you want you can always post new mixes in our forum, -> ezz FRY
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:47 AM)
nice site felt sad at first good times gone,loved the tunes keep up the good work
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:47 AM)
1st on google website….. Yesssss
Lodgey (Pickaxe)
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:47 AM)
Nice one Collins on getting the Old Street gig, that was a good night last week! Keep the beats flowing!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:46 AM)
Had a toot and listened to da funky shitz last night..
Its seriously fuckin cool
Everybody, go get it, its a gem well done man.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:46 AM)
Enjoy the funky mix alot!
Thanx mate!
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:41 AM)
a Funky Shitzz… Thoroughly enjoyed that . Nice one Craig
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:41 AM)
re – breakzology : only 5 minutes in and it’s already a classic mate, where the fook does that freaky dee into come from?
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:41 AM)
Wicked site m8, just downloading some shit now, luvin hold it now
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:40 AM)
yeah coll303, nice mix, i finally got around to checking it today
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:40 AM)
Wicked site mate!
Love the mixes! Keep um coming!
Big respect!
Keeping the underground scene alive!
all the best
Little MIssy
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:40 AM)
Ez bad boy hows it going keeping it real as allways! wicked sets man big ups
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:40 AM)
Just downloaded all the old skool mixes(top quality).
Nice to see somebody playing proper old skool tunes in the mix.
Brought back all the memories mate of when i used to go raving at the Astoria(London)when Fantasy Fm used to play there.
Dj Hype(Fantasy FM),boy can that guy scratch!!!
Any way thanks for the mixes mate.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:40 AM)
grabbed the house classix, acid heaven and berwick fever mixes… nice tight blends and, as you say, classic tracks. shout out to the old school essex crew…
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:39 AM)
Some wikked mixes man… downloaded a few & there on rotation in me mp3 player.. big up yerself!
tnv zeuser
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:38 AM)
fir king wicked mate some of the tightest mixing i’ve heard in a long time
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:32 AM)
Your site is the NUTZ bruvva! i just downloaded the ils mix, worth every second of the wait. Ever thought about PayPal? this is one of the few sites i would’nt mind coughing up for. Anyway, keep on keepng on man.
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:31 AM)
Big up the sounds of the 303… *hugs for now* hear your sounds again sometime… P.s make me an echo play mc station lol =) see u on msn sometime chris
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:31 AM)
Hey! Awesome tunez, had a bit of a listen! I’m moving to London next month, want to go to heaps of festivals + bar vinyl, but have nobody to go with at this stage!!! Some of my favourite djs include: soul of man (met justin @ breakfest), krafty kuts, plump djs (of course), kid kenobi & drum n bass – andy c, all the mc’s, roni size… etc anybody wannnna hang out with me? email me… amy x x x
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:30 AM)
nice music! I’m Adam and I live in Sweden. Got interested of what Pirate Radio over the internet was. It’s sounds good! In what quality do you broadcast? So where do YOU broadcast from, in fron of your computer? Me and a friend of mine broadcast on a lokal radiostation here in Norrkoping, it’s legel but we still call it Pirate radio. Our show is on air every wensday, 3 houres whit alot of good music, party music, most club music like Tomcraft and stuff like that. It’s fun, we really enjoy it. Is it technacaly difficult to broadcast your show over the internet? Do you ever speak between the tracks? The music you play is really good! The time in the UK is 11,30 now. Sincerely
Adam in Norrkoping, Sweden
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:12 AM)
BigUpz 2 da best nu skool dj on da intanet!
[email protected]!NyL
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:12 AM)
yUs yuS i am going to Raindance…g/L gone………..! bIggUUps da 303
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:11 AM)
yeah, tuned into interFACE today, caught most of the set, u did well to cover 4 hours, never a dull moment! nice
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:11 AM)
Loved interFACE Radio from the first time! Very cool Tunes. Your site is very good, nice to look at and the gallery is fun too. I will try your music as soon as possible. Cheers Jan
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:10 AM)
yeah, just been listening to some of the stuff here, all sounds good to me! expect an order for RESEARCH, on its way!peace DV8
deviation is the key
Richard Bazneh
(Saturday, Jan 26. 2013 10:10 AM)
You know what it’s like, you buy that old-skool / House Retro Mix CD, cause you like a few of the tunes on the back. The big tune comes on and then it’s followed by a tune you hate. The CD Creation on this site is a total must, I’ve created a CD on this site, that keeps me on a high for the duration. Top marks to Collins303. ESSENTIAL.


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    hey Collins, just to give you some abuse, loving the tunes but still hate you!! :0

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